by Danielle Charles

There is nothing quite like spring to remind us that just beneath the skin of our daily habits and routine, transformation is the true language of the universe.

In a period of weeks, the world around you becomes entirely changed. White, frozen expanses of land give way to browned fields, barren looking forests and overflowing streams full of sleepiness and mist. Then, as the sun grows brighter and the skies more blue and clear, the hillsides become painted with the most delicate etching of pastel roses, maroons and greens and the valleys tentatively awaken with the palest virescent shimmer. Then, after winter battles briefly one last time for the domain of the land, the inertia of spring seems to take hold and the world plunges forward in excitement. Soon, it as though wherever you find yourself, some merry procession has just passed through, sprinkling flower petals and golden pollen in their wake and filling the air with perfume and birdsong. The entire world seems in a state of constant merriment.

Spring is also a time of transformation within us. It is the time when your sleepy dreams and visions are transformed into creation and growth. Like a seed drawing on the energy contained within to create new growth and metamorphosis, we too draw on the nourishment of our winter slumbers to recreate ourselves anew. The ghosts of our dreams can be given breath now. The inertia within us plunges us forwards.

At first, the call of spring is cautious and gentle – a stirring of life within your spirit, a sleepy awakening. How hard it must seem at first to the flowers, to break that first bud through the soil and into the barren, frigid world. I think it feels much the same to us – to draw our dreams out of the warmth and security of our own spirits into a world of uncertainty and risk.  But like the plants around us, if we fail to take that risk, we pass our only opportunity to experience the gloriousness of the possibility that lies within us. So we must take the risk, and trust that the warmth of the sun and the love within our spirits will nourish our creation with what it truly needs to blossom.

So as you watch the miracle of spring transform the world around you, let the inertia and movement it stirs within your spirit give you the courage to pull your dreams out into the sunlight. What do you need to do to create that in your life? The impossible is present in every moment, every breath you take – so don’t credit your dreams with being more complex and profound than your own existence. What you want for yourself in this world takes only the trust and courage that you are worthy and capable of it….for isn’t that what often stops us in the end?

And, as the inertia of your creation and growth takes over your spirit this spring, let it dance in merriment at the transformation of the impossible into the possible, let it revel in the endless warmth and possibility contained within each precious moment of our lives.

Some things to create this spring:



Artistic expression


Reflection time


Daily rituals of celebration

Healthier habits