Inspiration Short #1: Fresh cut flowers

by Danielle Charles

Sometimes, honoring our health requires expanding our knowledge, integrating new ideas into our lives or challenging our old habits. But more often than not, health is less about change or discovery than it is about rediscovering the simple truths we already know – reminding ourselves to make time for those things that really nurture us on a deep level and bring sweetness and beauty into our lives. Often, these are the very things we push to the back of our lists because they seem unimportant, we simply don’t have time or we get preoccupied by more pressing matters. But in the end, those little moments of beauty and stillness  are  the substance of our lives – the things that provide color and meaning to our existence. And wouldn’t it be a great travesty to go through life denying yourself the things that make you feel truly alive?

So, while I find great joy in bringing you the more informative or philosophical articles on health, I also want to bring you something that celebrates the more simple and immediately graspable –  that sparks that small flame of inspiration in your spirit and empowers you to try something for no other purpose than creating beauty or joy in your life.  Thus, the inspiration shorts are born – a weekly suggestion for rediscovering the simple beauty of your life.

This week’s idea:

Go out and bring some of summer’s splendor into your home with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Whether wild or from your garden, the act of selecting and arranging flowers is a simple way to bring a little of the beauty and abundance of the world into your life, if not to notice that those things are already there!  Flowers are also an excellent way to honor your home.  As the Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa says, “You may live in a dirt hut with no floor and one one window, but if you regard that space as sacred, if you care for it with your heart and mind, then it will be a palace.” There seems no more appropriate way to bless your home (or yourself) than with flowers you gathered yourself in the summer sunshine.

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson