Peppermint Patty Tea

by Danielle Charles

Thanksgiving is past, the family packed up and headed back to Michigan, the husband off to work. Today is just me and the cats.

The house is eerily quiet after being filled with so much life and activity these past few days. The sounds of laughter and timers ringing, the oven door screeching open and the clink of glass in the sink seem to linger in the air with the faint  aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie spice.

I had high expectations when today began – playing catch up after the holiday with a long to-do list of items,  the smug sense of accomplishment I’d feel at the end.  But the day had other plans for me. The light was just so soft as it fell through the windows, the wood stove warm and beckoning. But it was the quiet that did me in at the end, I think.  I found myself curling up with the cats, the words of my book drowning out the last arguments posed by the responsible side of my brain.  And I couldn’t much manage to pull myself back up again except for the lure of a turkey sandwich made with the Thanksgiving leftovers (the only kind of turkey sandwich worth eating, mind you). By that time the light had already started to fade.

I guess all that Thanksgiving revelry took more out of me than I had realized…

Since I hadn’t really touched the to do list, I figured, “why start now?” and decided to continue on with my laziness (telling myself, like a true procrastinator, that I can do it tomorrow, right? ).

Now, some of you are probably saying to yourselves, “enough with all this babbling, I came here because it said Peppermint Patty Tea – not to hear about all the incredibly mundane details of how you spent your Sunday.” So, for all of you that have managed not to succumb to the laziness of a steel-gray Sunday afternoon, I will give you the recipe now. Head to your kitchens, revel in productivity, and feel that smug sense of accomplishment for me.

Peppermint Patty Tea

This tea really doesn’t need much introduction – peppermint, chocolate, vanilla – need I say more?  It’s the perfect after-dinner drink for soothing indigestion and satisfying the craving for something decadent. Makes about 10 oz of tea mix, enough to package up 3 or 4 containers for giving away as holiday presents, if you can bear to part with it.

In a large mixing bowl, combine:

  • 5 oz raw cocoa nibs, dry toasted in a skillet until shiny with oil and fragrant
  • 2 oz peppermint
  • 2 oz spearmint
  • 5 vanilla beans, very finely chopped

If you have things to do, and to-do lists to contend with, you can just stop reading here. You’ve got your tea recipe, and you don’t want me infecting you with my unproductive spirit. Get gone, and carry on with your dignity in tact.

Now, for the rest of you, who are as lazy and easily distracted as myself – you who are probably here reading precisely because you were hoping for a suitably engaging distraction from something you’d rather not be doing – read on. Have the productive people make you a cup of peppermint patty tea, and be ready to kiss your to-do list goodbye.

So, for the lazy indulgences:

To really get into the daydreamer’s spirit, I started off with some good clean fun appreciating clouds at the Cloud Appreciation Society (yes it is a real thing!). Turns out that clouds aren’t that gloomy after all – just take a look at this if you don’t believe me. Then, I adopted some endangered words to fill the vacivity of my day with some meaning  (hah!)  and hunted for the origin of phrases (who knew that a shamble started off as a footstool?). I also decided that cellar door really is one of the most beautiful word combinations in the English language.

From there, I spent a ridiculous amount of time perusing the Terrain website, and decided, when I am someday filthy rich, as I’m sure to be, I will buy this so I can feel especially important when pulling down a book from the shelf.  From here, I veered off to Orangette to copy down the wholesome chocolate chip cookie recipe, which convinced me to add this book to my ever-expanding Christmas list. I also clicked on to find a beautiful photography blog that I got lost in for a good long time. I was so inspired that I decided to take some pictures myself. Then, before the darkness took complete hold, I ambled out into the inch of dry, cold snow blanketing the ground, and crunched down the road, watching my breath turn to puffs of smoke and bundling my hands deep into my pockets.

It wasn’t what I expected at all, but it was a good day in the end I think.