Inspiration short #12: Create an inspiration board!

by Danielle Charles

I must admit that January can be a somewhat challenging month for me. I call it the “January slump.” After all the festivity and cheer of December, January can seem like one great big come down. Back to work, decorations down, bills to pay and increasing waist lines to deal with. The magical dream-like spell of December gets quickly broken, and reality seeps back in.

To save myself from this annual January ennui, Β I try to pull my mind back into the excitement of dreaming and visioning for the year ahead. I start planning my garden, I begin creating intentions for things I hope to manifest in the coming months, and I work on my inspiration board.

“What on earth is an inspiration board?” you ask. Basically, it is a composition of images, objects and words that inspire you. They might capture the essence of your dreams and visions; ignite your imagination; encourage you; bring you joy or remind you of things you love . Placed where you will see it everyday (ideally several times per day), it fills your consciousness with all of the magic of your passions, dreams and joys in life.

To create your own, you really only need a good-sized space on your wall, aΒ cork-board and push pins (which you can find at most craft stores) and a little time to be inspired. You can frame it, cover it in fabric or do whatever takes your fancy. Cut images out of magazines, find quotes you love, hang up objects that are significant to you – whatever inspires you or captures your dreams!

I seek things that really capture what I hope to manifest in my life. The subconscious mind is such a powerful tool, and just imagine what might happen when you subconsciously remind yourself each day of the things you hope to create in your life…

So here’s to finding our way back to that little trickle of excitement within us, nourishing it and tending it until it floods us with delight and January suddenly seems like it isn’t so bad after all.