Ah, is this not happiness?

by Danielle Charles

Today was beautiful: warm, sunny and absolutely radiant with autumnal hues – the sort of day September is made for. As I walked home in the golden sunlight of late afternoon with leaves crunching underfoot and floating lazily down from the trees overhead, there it was: the unmistakable smell of fallen leaves. The smell of autumn. My heart was filled with a lightness that is hard to put to words. Ah, is this not happiness?

P.S. You may be noticing that the old blog is undergoing a little face-lift.  It was time. I’ll be consolidating, simplifying and updating – hoping to create something which feels more me, more expressive of the way I think, feel and see the world – while also being easier to navigate for all of you.  It will be under construction for the next week, so if it looks a bit odd here and there, that is the reason why. I hope you’ll like it.