Ah is this not happiness? #12

by Danielle Charles

The power goes out last night during the storm and we scurry around the house lighting candles as the wind howls outside and rattles the window panes. With no computers, phones, television or any of the usual distractions, we sit down at the kitchen table and ease into the softness of flickering light and silence. What a good feeling it is, just to sit in this shadowy light. To listen to the wind and rain. To have nothing to do – or rather to have the ability to do nothing – for once. Nothing but sit and read stories by candlelight. It doesn’t take long before it seems I have never known how to spend an evening in any way but this – quietly engulfed in the viscous hold of night – a lone flickering candle my one resistance to the darkness. And I must say I wouldn’t mind much if it were the only thing I had ever known.

Ah, is this not happiness?