Good things

by Danielle Charles

Spring has come early this year, and I am welcoming it with open arms. Of course, there is that little voice, somewhere in the very back recesses of my mind, that warns me of the fact that it might go away again before the month is out. But when you open the door to warm sunshine and a breeze as soft and gentle as a down feather on your cheek; when you are awoken early in the morning to the songs of birds and bright, radiant sunlight;  when the sweetness of damp earth and the cool breath of secret woodland places find their way through your open windows  – you can’t suppress the joy that it awakens in you. You just can’t. You fling your doors and windows open wide and you greet it all with complete abandon. If winter comes again, then so be it. Spring is running in your blood, and it won’t be held back now.

I love every day of spring, but I harbor a particular sort of affection for these early days. It’s a sort of magical thing – to look around and see the stillness of winter still holding on to the landscape, but to feel, as surely as you could hear it, that every tree, stone, bird and river were collectively exhaling together – every living thing basking in the anticipation of what is to come. And for just a little while, that anticipation is enough in itself, the knowing deep within our being that something has shifted and the transformation has already begun. I always imagine that if I ever happened to be enchanted or to wonder into some fairy realm – that it should feel just like this. Things look more or less the same, but somehow you just know that everything is dripping with magic.

In celebration of such gifts as these spring days have brought, it seemed a fitting time to tell you about some things I have been enjoying, in hopes that you will enjoy them too. I hope the sunshine and the magic of spring is awakening where you are as well.

Some good things:

Eating cake for breakfast, especially when it is this cake.

Collecting French jam pots  *UPDATE: Susan Vaillant, the owner of the etsy shop offering these cute little pots, wrote me the sweetest email last night thanking me for linking to her listing. As a thank you, she has offered me and any reader of this post 20% off the goods in her shop. Just mention that you found her through the blog.

Dining alfresco

These bowls

Long Sunday walks down unexplored roads

Loving this blog, this blog and this one too

Bea’s new cookbook (I know I already mentioned it, but it’s just so great)

Being addicted to Downton Abbey

Getting excited about nettle season after reading this

Some more end-of-winter-salad inspiration 

Cut flowers for the kitchen table (see photos)

Wouldn’t it be nice to live here?

Thinking about peas, radishes, rhubarb, asparagus, spinach and sweet little strawberries….