Hi. I’m Danielle, and this is where I write about the things that make my life feel magical – my personal treasure chest of moments, recipes, things I have seen, things I have done or would like to do – things that make me happy.

I’m the sort of person who likes to pick wild berries, get lost in the woods, and spend entire days making jam. I love to cook, to share a meal with people I like, and to stay in my pajamas as long as I can on a Sunday, reading a book.  I also like to explore secret places, to meander, and to take pictures of things that strike me. I like how each season transforms the landscape into something new, and how I am somehow still connected to that.

This blog began as a blog about health, started as I finished my studies in herbalism, as a way to merge my passion for writing and for plants. But somehow I think it has turned into something else – something more general, something that is still about health, but in a in a more fundamental and basic way. I think that what really makes us healthy, is finding the things in our lives that make us feel alive.  I’d like to think that’s what I write about now.

I currently live in Vermont with my husband and two cats, Taliesin and Sassafras.

You can contact me at D.Charles.Davies@gmail.com with questions, or just to say hello.

Note: I work very hard on this blog and spend a lot of time taking photos, writing, editing, creating recipes. If you’d like to re-post something you’ve found here, please ask me first (I’ll probably say yes).