Extension on blog party deadline

by Danielle Charles

Hello all,

It seems that July is a very busy month for us all (and so beautiful, it gets difficult to drag oneself inside to write!). As several of you contacted me to say your posts would be late,  I am giving a one week extension on the blog party deadline for Herbal Thirst Quenchers for the Dog Days to try to accommodate all who would like to be included.  If you get your posts to me by next Friday (July 29th), I will post them all at the end of the day on that day.

I hope this extension will enable everyone who’d like to participate to do so! And remember, even if you just share one simple recipe, you are still contributing something that will inspire and bring happiness to others – so if you can find the time, I’m sure we’d all be grateful for your contribution.

Looking forward to your posts next week 🙂

Keep cool,